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Gem stone alignment in engagement rings:


The whole credit of the luxurious look and drastic flash of the engagement rings falls on the gem alignment on the rings.

Either in case of halo engagement rings or men’s wedding bands the gem alignment plays the key role. Halo setting style is the less expensive but highly recommended setting style compared to other setting styles or cut. The advantage of halo cut rings is that the ring can be designed in any of the shape. So, oval, emerald cut, marquise cut may get involved with the halo cut form.

Jewelry store denville County is consisted of world’s best places or shop to purchase the renowned and most wanted halo engagement rings and mens wedding bands.  Cushion halo diamond engagement ring made out with 14kt white gold is the best example for double halo engagement ring. Floating halo diamond engagement rings, Blue Nile studio heiress halo diamond engagement ring in platinum are the other examples for the double halo engagement ring. Double halo cut is nothing but single row of pave stones around the center gem.

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These rings are composed of same colored centre and pave stones. 18kt yellow gold wedding bands are available to be gifted to an engagement occasion for him/her. Similarly, diamond wedding bands mounted on the various types of metals are now ready to cart. These diamond wedding bands are made of 18kt gold or of platinum metal. Top ten wedding rings without diamond in carving possessing varied ring width of about 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm etc are displayed for the ease of customer.

Men’s wedding rings can be filtered out by category, collections, metal and price. Of which rings and wedding rings falls under the category, classic wedding bands, engraved wedding bands and classic diamonds falls under collection, pink gold, white gold, yellow gold platinum falls under metal. Above all the price range of lower to higher extent is available. Jewelry store Denville County follows the above factors in classifying the wedding bands.

To talk about the gem alignment and color of the gem to be in carved, it is easy to contact the sales executives in advance before placing the order. It is suggested to go for a yellow gold or the platinum metal for its durability and maintenance rather than the pink gold and white gold. Because the white gold requires Rhodium coating periodically to maintain the white color which seems to be uneasy.

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Pretty bands for engagement & wedding


To make the occasion pleasant and to add more color and cherish to it, gifting the beloved ones with beautiful and luxurious engagement or wedding rings. halo engagement rings will be the best choice to present the bride rather than with simple diamond ring. To know more about halo engagement rings, it is a setting style which encircles a centre diamond or any gemstone around by a collection of diamonds or other stones.

Especially, round pave or micro pave diamonds are chosen which reflects and flashes the light that lifts up the dazzling beauty of the centre gem stone. Choosing contrasting color of centre stone which is encircled by pave stones of different color around it will enrich the rich look of the ring. In such case, the pave stones like sapphires and rubies surrounding a colorless diamond will be an outstanding contradiction. This will be a best alternative to same colored centre stone and pave stones.


Shop at Kevin's Fine Jewelers, New Jersey's premiere luxury Engagement Ring & Jewelry Store. We are an Authorized Retailer located in Totowa & Denville, NJ.

Similar to the halo engagement rings, the men’s wedding bands are at wide number of collection in the jewelry store Denville County. Men’s wedding bands are available in platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold metals. Each and every model wedding band has its own uniqueness and subtle. Single halo engagement ring can be berthed to double and triple halo rings to give a drastic and ethnic touch.

When consider the triple halos, there may be 3 rows of pave stones encircling the center stone to show a bigger image to the ring. So, by selecting a small sized diamond as a center stone, the triple halo setting ensure a bigger sized or look to the halo engagement rings. Whereas, in case of men’s wedding bands no such halo setting is required rather than diamond collections for men. 

The choice of metal to make these kinds of halo engagement rings and mens wedding bands includes many metals as already told. While considering about each metals separately, platinum will be more expensive but durable whereas white gold involves Rhodium coating periodically ensuring less expensive than platinum also less durability. Similarly, pink gold metal posses its features. Best and durable to make halo engagement rings and mens wedding bands in yellow gold seems to be correct because of its cheap cost compared to other metals and cheap maintenance cost. Jewelry store Denville County is best platform where the best engagement rings and wedding bands can be purchased.

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